incorporating VideoBook and Studio 21 Publications

Barry R. Pyatt  was a veteran documentary and corporate programme maker from 1980 until 2015.
He was also a production studio owner for 25 years in Yorkshire, England.
Barry's most well-known productions were the VIDEOBOOK set of programmes, produced by his own company, "Studio 21" in the early 80s.
Barry retired from the UK, and re-located to Spain in 1999.
The picture on the left is circa 1986, and the camera is the Beaulieu R16S 16mm film camera, used in making the early VideoBook films with 12-120mm Angenieux lens

VideoBook was launched in 1980 in Yorkshire, England, and continued up until 2003, when the name was changed to co-incide with the launch of AngelFilms  in Altea, Spain. AngelFilms was the trading style of the creative partnership with Angela J. Pyatt.

The picture on the right is circa 2006, and shows a Sony SD Digital camera.


 The business moved back to the UK in 2005, and was located in West Sussex, England, as part of
The marque "VIDEOBOOK" is still a trademark of
All productions are ISBN registered
and published by
Studio 21 Publications
ANGELFILMS-VIDEOBOOK  have (as of August 2016) ceased routine production of DVDs after a continuous run of some 13 years, largely due to the redundancy of the format in 2016. Various attempts have been made to re-launch the genre, but due to the explosion of amateur use of smart phones, tablets, and "intelligent" softwares, it has been decided that there is no commercial sense in continuing. ANGELFILMS -VIDEOBOOK has enjoyed  distributing its films on everything from U-Matic, through VHS/Beta/V2000/ 8mm since 1980, and pioneered the use of VIDEO-CD in Spain during the early part of the millenium. Recent attempts at streaming proved entirely unsuccessful against the flood of competitive, low budget material.
Barry & Angela  would like to thank ALL of their customers and clients from the past 30+ years for their tireless support.